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Alan and Lesley began The Good Bag Co in 2006 after seeing so many plastic bags available and damaging the environment and wildlife. They decided to create an alternative which would be practical and enjoyable to use.

Alan injected his wicked sense of humour into the vivid designs and characters you can see on the bags and between them they developed the business into the successful brand it is today.

Unfortunately Lesley passed away in 2013, The Good Bag Co has been a little quieter but due to Alans resilience and dedication to Lesleys memory and what they had built together we are now firing on all cylinders and ready to bring you some bright new bags and hope that when you buy one of them you will remember the lovely lady who was inspired to make it happen.

Thanks for being part of our online community we appreciate your business.

Our standard good bags are lined inside, to make them water resistant. And what’s more, they’re made from entirely environmentally friendly jute – which means that as well as not using plastic shopping bags, no pesticides are used either!

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